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Below you will find all the steps and links necessary to register your church and campers for youth camp. If you have any questions or this is your first time attending our youth camp, please contact us.

Registration will be done completely online this year. If you would like to sign your youth up for camp, please contact your church youth leader for a link to the forms and payment info.

Below are links to videos, which guide you through the forms.


Leader Recommendation

Every church needs to turn in one (1) Leader Recommendation form, signed by your pastor. This form will be filled out online.

To get a link, please use the Contact Us link above and let us know.

Child Protection

Each leader will need to watch the Child Protection video, take a brief exam, and fill out a certificate. Hard copies of the certificates should be taken to camp.

Links for all of these items are below.

Background Checks

Each leader will need to have a criminal history & sex offender background check done. The checks are performed via Texas Department of Public Safety.

The link to the site is below, as well as video links, which guide through the process.

Have a look at what to bring to youth camp and the rules at camp.

You're all set!

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